Agreement for Collection and Use of Personal Information

Scope of Collection of Personal Information

Users can freely access most content on the IBS website without applying for additional membership. However, to register for the 2015 Institute for Basic Science Symposium, the following information is required: Name, Affiliation, Position, and e-Mail Address.

Purpose of Collection and Use of Personal Information

IBS may use personal information such as e-mail addresses or contact numbers registered through the IBS Symposium Website to promote incoming IBS Symposia.

Period of Retention and Use of Personal Information

Personal information registered through the IBS Symposium Website will be retained and used by IBS for two years. If a request to access any information is made, IBS shall take measures to allow access to such information and to reuse such information, with the consent of the relevant applicant.
Personal Information
First Name Last name
Affiliation Position
E-mail Mobile
Theme Date Venue Attendance
IBS Symposium on Science of Imaging New Frontiers in Cryo Electron Microscopy 16-Jul 14:00~17:25 Korea University, Seoul (Multimedia Room (B1))
IBS Symposium on Neuroscience 18-Jul 13:30~17:00 KAIST, Daejeon (Yang Seung-Taek Auditorium, E9)
IBS Symposium on Data Science 31-Jul 10:00~16:00 Ewha Womans University, Seoul (Lee Sambong Hall, ECC)
IBS Symposium on Mathematics Combinatorics and PDE 06-Aug 10:00~12:30 07-Aug 10:00~12:30 Chung-Ang University, Seoul (#805, R&D Center)
IBS Symposium on Theoretical Physics Quantum Field Theory, String Theory and M-Theory: A Perspective on the Future 09-Aug 13:30~17:55 Hanyang University, Seoul (#612, HIT)

* The symposiums are free, without lunch.

* The above program is subject to change according to circumstances of the host.